Sunday, May 17, 2009


For the Group 120 arrived this four cards, only one missing that I´ll show when it arrives.

From dear Andy Duplevista a beautiful view of Branksea castle.

From Australia Crizle sent this card of a Park in Ipswich.

From Russia a beautiful winter image of St. Petersburg sent by Daarhon.

And from Greece, a beautiful image of a typical house of the greek islands sent by sofia_art.

Several cards

From UK RR group 127 arrived the last two cards. This first one was sent by helen_orlova from Ukraine and shows St. Andrews church.

And this was sent by Icelady. A nice multiviews of Berlin.

Also from Berlin, Bine sent me this card of Museum Island for the RR Portugal x other countries.

And to start another group of France RR, arrived this beautiful view of the Popes Palace in Avignon, France, from nyassa.

Slavic Countries RR

From an Unesco group arrived the two last cards.

From Russia lapine sent this amazing night view of Novodevichy Convent.

From Poland mmoriki sent this card of Centennial Hall in Wroclaw.

Portugal x Portugal RR

From moonwolf arrived this beautiful view of Cabo da Roca.

Pooky_girl sent me this amazing card of Faial, Azores.

And to finish this group marklaro sent an old card of Ervedal da Beira.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Portuguese RR - Unesco

From Portugal, Porto, sent by kosta28.

Also from Portugal, spiffi sent me Évora.
And from Brasil, vbformig sent this card of Pantanal.

Portuguese RR - Transports

From kosta28, a fisherman boat of Figueira da Foz, Portugal.

From Brasil, some saveiros race in Salvador, sent by vbformig.

From Curitiba, Brasil, falavigna sent this "bondinho" a small tram.

And also from Brasil, kazinhabueno sent this train in Minas Gerais.

Portuguese RR - Water

From Patzow, a picture of The Fountain of Trevi in Rome.

From valdagua one beautiful portuguese beach in Porto Covo.

And from Brazil, Frade´s island in Bahia, sent by vbformig.

Surprises and swaps

Now I´m going to show you three amazing cards. This first one was a great surprise, because I don´t participate in any swap of Surprise Project group of Flickr for a long time. And Juha was in Russia and didn´t forget me, and send me this really beautiful card of St.Petersburg.

From Switzerland arrived this one. It was sent by Andy masito, who is hosting a huge lottery in Postcrossing Forum.

And Diana Patzow went to Venice, and I ask her to send me a card from there.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

April RR - VI

This first one came from Japan, lovelypostcard24 sent me an Unesco site: Nara.

From Malaysia, newrule sent a view of the Kuala lampur Tower.

Ulvikaru from Estonia, sent me a beautiful castle.

An Unesco site of Philippines sent by upto6only.

And from Taiwan, a picture of "Tropic of Cancer" monument, sent by ya-chu.

April RR - V

From USA, a beautiful sunrise in Montana, from ElisaH.

From Turkey arrived this card from Gokche. It shows the Underground cistern in Istambul.

A new country: United Arab Emirates, from Dubai hamodi sent this amazing view of the famous hotel.

An Unesco site from Italy: Iside 82 sent this card from Genoa.

And from Licia, Hong-Kong, a typical street.

April RR - IV

A new bunch of cards :)
From Ariell, a view of Taishan Mountain, China.

From Azurri a view of Bellinzonna, in Switzerland, both Unesco sites.

From USA, arrived a Loisianna card from bayouzozo.

Daarhon sent a inside view of the Hermitage, St. Petersburg, Russia.

And also from China, DJK sent an amazing view of Wullingyuan Scenery.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Soniacarvalho came on vacations to Portugal, and spent a few time in London. These are the cards that I asked for.
Westminster Abbey.

The Tower of London.


These cards are all from different private swaps, they´re all Unesco, too.

These first two came from Diana Patzow, and they show the church of Santa Maria della Grazia in Milano, Italy.

This was sent by chaaaaad and shows the Wudashang Mountain in China.

From Thailand arrived this card sent by Thamonwan

And from Aletta arrived this card from Laos.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

France RR

These are the cards from France RR.
From Lizza, France, a beautiful view of Le Havre, an Unesco site.

From CvHr, Croatia, an amazing multiviews.

From Mardji, arrived this card from Russia.

And finally from Icelady, arrived this card of the Museum Island in Berlin, another Unesco.