Thursday, February 26, 2009

Unesco cards

And besides the official from Prague, I received also some other Unesco cards. This first one was sent by Postcrossing "mother" Ana. She sent me this beautiful card from Suzhou Gardens, Unesco site since 1997.

This one was sent by ElSol, from one group of Castles RR. It shows the Mikhailovsky Castle in Saint Petersburg historic center.

This last one was sent by Sania from Canada, and it shows the Canadian Rockies.


As I predicted I started to receive some official postcards :)
This first one arrived from Czech Republic. CZ-22485 was sent by Misulenka and shows the beautiful city of Prague, an Unesco site.

NL-141688 was sent by Nhaleen from Netherlands. The card shows 11 cities of Fryslân area.

From Germany arrived DE-292885, sent by Milkyyy shows some buildings from the city of Koblenz.

And the last one came from France. FR- 45762, sent by cerisette79, shows Metz.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Some special offers

These cards are specail offers because they came together with another kind of card. In the Getting to Know You thread we agreed in a special RR with handmade valentine cards, and some of the girls send these cards in the package. A huge thank you to all of you. Those hand made cards I´ll show soon.

From Estonia sent by Katlin, Katts1985

From UK sent by Charlotte, purple_girl

From Poland sent by Ulpa, ula

From USA sent by Carol adobe

From USA sent by Chrissy Vagirl

Swaps and Surprises

This first card was sent by Savissivik, we agreed on a swap and he sent me an Unesco site: Fernando de Noronha, Brazil.

This one was sent by _catt and shows an amazing Florida beach.

This was sent by Valerie Octabis and shows the Alps where she spent a few days last year.

This was sent by Joaninha, and shows the Azores island São Miguel, she was there on a short vacation and never forgets me.

Official card

This last few days I only received one official card. But I´ll be receiving more really soon... This one, US-327515, was sent by MickeyJayyy, from Surprise, Arizona. Her card shows Phoenix, the Arizona state capitol.

Different RR´s

These three cards came from three different RR´s.

The first one, from culturaldiversity, from Canada, shows us the Vancouver harbour lighthouse. It belongs to the lighthouse RR.

This came from Brazil and took ages to get here, it was sent by Savissivik, from Versus RR, and shows us the old station of São Paulo, that is the house of one of the best music halls of South America.

This was sent by ferro, and shows us some monuments of Belgium. We share a group of Portugal x other countries RR.


As they are one of my favourite themes, I decided to restart a RR about it. I am happy to say that it´s going well, so well that there are 6 groups on the way. And as a good host I started the first group ;). These are the cards from it.
The first one came from UK, was sent by W105akaMoke and shows some castles of Suffolk, the one on the right is Orford, and the ones in the left are Framlingham and Bigod.

This was sent by ferro, a portuguese girl living in Belgium, her card shows a beautiful castle of Antwerpen.

This last one came from Estonia. Sirelid sent it and says that the Tallinn Castle is now the house of the Estonian Parliament.


These four postcards came from India, a private swap with abhishek_b4u. This first one shows Goa beach, and I asked for this one because Goa used to be a portuguese province.

This one shows us the temple of Tmad-ud-Daula, from the Taj Mahal complex.

This shows one statue of Buda in one of Ajanta Caves, an Unesco site in India.

This last one shows the Lamayuru Monastery in Ladakh.