Saturday, January 10, 2009

RR cards of the week

This week I received three cards from three different RR´s.

This first one belongs to Portuguese RR - Lighthouses and was sent by Vbformig from Brazil. It took ages to get here, Valéria posted it in the 29th November!

This second one belongs to Slavic Countries RR - group 34 - and was sent by Newrule from Malaysia.

The last one came from very near. from Lisboa. It belongs to Versus RR - group 3 - and was sent by Tanea. A beautiful night view of Santa Justa elevator. It was designed by Mr Eiffel, the same one from Paris ;)

Official cards of the week

This week I received 5 official cards. All from different countries with some surprises.
This first one, FI-445448, came from Finland and was sent by Anitta. It´s a painting by Kaj Stenvall, the "Good Afternoon, Sir" from 2007.

This second one, IT-32464, came from Italy. Was sent by bracciodiferro, and shows an aerial view of Verona, with the Castle of Scaligero.

Now, TR-14048, sent by SECRET, shows several views of Izmir. I didn´t receive a card from Turkey for sometime so I was really happy with this one.

US-314096, was sent by MissCristin, from USA. Shows a beautiful view of Great Smoky Mountains National Park, an Unesco site.

This last one came from Switzerland. It´s a hand-made card, not quite the type I use to publish here but CH-23186 it´s a photo taken by Greenblue and shows a beautiful place. I asked Sabrine to send me more information about the place. If she will I´ll post it here.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Nice surprises!

This was a nice week. I received lots of cards and some surprises.

This first card is a Thank You card from BobM, Canada, for an official one that I sent him some time ago.

This second one is from Petra, Jordan, A private swap with Suvi ivus from Finland. Petra is an Unesco site since 1985.
These last cards were sent by Sandy Shaneez. I was afraid that they were lost in the mail like the first ones she sent me. But fortunely they arrived after almost a month travelling. The first card shows Robben Island, Unesco site since 1999.

This second one shows the San Rock Art in Twyfelfontein, Namibia. Unesco site since 2007.

Official Cards

This week was Germany week: two cards for my son and one for me :)

DE-258883 from Kathi dieLotta to dudu02

DE-258884 from Mandy PeppermintPatty also to dudu02: New Years Eve in Berlin.

DE-259256 from Kerstin Haasal, this one for me, an Unesco site.

Finally one card from Belgium, BE-25673 was sent by Melina Boheme86.

and US-310316 was sent by Laurel Phoenixprincis.

Christmas Cards II

More Christmas cards :)

This first one was sent by Lurdes from Azores.

This second one was sent by Kel, one RR organizer :)

This was sent by a fellow postcrosser ZePombal

And this last one from martinha, my dear postcrossing friend :)

Cards from Brasil

These 10 cards were sent as a Christmas present. Thanks Bia for this wonderful gift :)

Christmas tree at Rio de Janeiro.

Shopping Center in São José dos Campos

City Market in São Paulo


Bosque da Princesa Garden

Rio de Janeiro
Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro

Saint Ana Church, Niterói

Banhado, São José dos Campos

Rio de Janeiro