Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Unesco sites

And more new Unesco sites, this time sent by Iside82. This first one was a missing site im my collection, I didn´t have a single card from Vaticano!

This shows one church in the Route of Santiago in Spain.

And this last one was a surprise, it shows S.Pietro castle, in Aosta valley.

Unesco cards from Russia

These cards were sent by Olga Ikkyo. This first card shows the west Caucasus reserve.

This shows Kurshskaya Spit national park.

And this one is one of the Volcanos of Kamchatka.

RR cards of the week

This week I received five cards from different RR´s. These first two cards are from Castles RR. This was sent by cata035 from Uruguay, my first card from there and an Unesco site.

This was sent by Carla, and shows Beja´s castle tower.

From Uk RR arrived two cards also. This was sent by kikistarz and shows several castles of Sussex.

From Ukraine arrived this one from amelia555.

To finish, Duplevista´s card from Europe RR.

Official Cards

This week I received three cards from Postcrossing official site.
This first one, CA-55005, was sent by Lori45P, from Ontario, Canada.

This is CZ-23553, and was sent by Vaclav, from Plzeñ, Czech Republic.

To finish, AT- 29969, was sent by Muellner, and it shows Schönbruun Castle, one Unesco site of Austria.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Surprises of the week

These two cards are surprises because, altough I was expecting them, I didn´t know what was sent.
This first one is a lottery prize from Carla.

And this was sent by rita_simões, from her vacations in Rome.

Portuguese Castles

From the Castles RR - Special Group 2 - Portugal, I received two cards. This first one was sent by Nelinha, and shows Santiago do Cacém castle.
This was sent by valdagua and shows Arraiolos Castle.

Slavic Countries RR

Another RR that I like very much. This first card was sent by Jano, and shows the Town Tower in Holy Trinity Square in Trnava, Slovakia.

This came from Russia, sent by ElSol shows a convent in Bashkiria.


These cards are all from several groups of UK x other countries RR. I am a fan of this RR because I´ve been receiving wonderful castle cards :)

This first card came from Poland, it was sent by kasandra and shows a new Unesco site in my collection.

Both next cards were sent by Andy Duplevista. They´re from different groups but we´re always signing in new groups and we cross each other several times.

This second card shows Raglan Castle in Wales.

Europe RR

Another RR that I am hosting, this one is for europeans only. These are the cards that I already received from Group 1. The first one was sent by tessuliini and shows two beautiful night scenes from Oulu.

This was sent by Eule and shows the Unesco site of Quedlimburg in Germany.

Official cards

This week I received my first official card from Portugal! PT-76073 was sent by a forum friend zepombal. As he knows that I collect Unesco sites and have only few from Spain, he decided to surprise me and sent me a card form Sevilla.

From Germany arrived DE-302026, a beautiful lighthouse calendar sent by Milagos.

And the last one, IT-38681 was sent by millebolle, and it became one of my favourites, it´s really amazing.

Kaj Stenvall

This week I received two cards of Kaj Stenvall paintings. This first one was sent by tessuliini, from one groupe of UK RR. The painting name is "The Time is Rather Right"

This is an official card FI-497988 sent by RonnieL, it´s named "The Social Structures in The Arbour of Love".

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Now I joined UK x Other Countries RR, and this are my firts cards from group 97.
This first one was sent by Dee shakun_tala and shows Urguhart Castle in Loch Ness.

This one was sent by Andy Duplevista and shows several monuments of Bath, an Unesco place in UK.


This cards were sent by abhishek_b4u, from India. They´re all from Unesco sites and they´re beautiful!
This first one shows Humayun´s Tomb.

This is Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque and Qubt Minar.

And this shows one Group of Animals from Bhimbetka.

New Unescos

A week full of beautiful Unesco cards.

The first two ones were sent by zepombal, and show Segovia in Spain.

This was a surprise as it was also sent by zepombal, this shows Escorial Monastery, also in Spain.

This one was sent by Mindee and shows the Chappel of Three Prelates in Kizhi, Russia.

This last one was sent by misagan, from the Castles RR and shows Zámek Litomysl, one of the Unesco sites in Czech Republic.