Thursday, November 6, 2008

The first post

Hello. This is my first post in english, but I already have a blog written in portuguese, so I´ll start for one recent and special card. It was sent by anagahan from Macedonia. Besides it cames from a special country, it´s also a Unesco site, the only one there.

From now on, I´ll post the cards that I receive, at the same time that in my portuguese blog. That way, no one misses anything :)


kazinhabueno said...

Nice card, ninocas :P

Ana said...

ohhhhh, my caaarddd!!! used for inauguration!! ohh, i feel honoured!! and touched!!

and i support your idea for the english version of your blog, so due to my poor or scarce knowledge of Portuguese, i can get to comprehend whats the story behind the adding this pronto to my blog link list as well! :)

occam said...

Congratulations on your new english blog. You are so brave! I will add you to my blogroll on my blog.