Saturday, January 10, 2009

Official cards of the week

This week I received 5 official cards. All from different countries with some surprises.
This first one, FI-445448, came from Finland and was sent by Anitta. It´s a painting by Kaj Stenvall, the "Good Afternoon, Sir" from 2007.

This second one, IT-32464, came from Italy. Was sent by bracciodiferro, and shows an aerial view of Verona, with the Castle of Scaligero.

Now, TR-14048, sent by SECRET, shows several views of Izmir. I didn´t receive a card from Turkey for sometime so I was really happy with this one.

US-314096, was sent by MissCristin, from USA. Shows a beautiful view of Great Smoky Mountains National Park, an Unesco site.

This last one came from Switzerland. It´s a hand-made card, not quite the type I use to publish here but CH-23186 it´s a photo taken by Greenblue and shows a beautiful place. I asked Sabrine to send me more information about the place. If she will I´ll post it here.

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