Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Cards

Though I don´t usually post here other kind of postcards but the touristc , I decided to make an exception of Christmas postcards because these are special;)

Let me begin by an official sent by the Tuittu66, FI - 431073. The stars are bright but it does not shows here.

The following is also an official, U.S. -301042 and was sent by esotericknitter.

Now I´ll show the cards that were sent by a two colleagues from Surprise Project Group of Flickr. This first is from Bea, the administrator of the group. The postcard has the peculiarity to be possible to hang it on a Christmas tree.

The next were both sent by Juha, Elorju2000. I must say that I loved the surprise that even leave me without words.
This second card the wooden figurines are cut and pasted into cardboard, as well as cotton. This card was made by Juha.

Now, finally, I show the ones that I received from my postcrossers friends, from Portugal .

I received the first from Paula Geminiscp.

And this last one is from Américo, valdagua, our champion from the official site.

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