Thursday, December 25, 2008

Surprises and swaps of the week

This last week I received a surprise card from Lurdes, it was sent with a Xmas card that I´ll show later. It is a very cool card because it shows all the nine islands of Azores. Adicionar imagem

This second one was sent by Carla, she went to Salamanca a few days ago and bought this beautiful card the shows the "Ayuntamiento" building in Plaza Mayor, the university, the "Casa das Conchas" and the old and new Cathedrals. Salamanca old town is a unesco place since 1988.

This last one was sent by Mari marilavado and shows the old circus in the old roman city of Tarraco, the actual Tarragona in Spain. The old ruins of tarraco are an Unesco site since 2000.

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