Thursday, December 25, 2008

Official Cards

It´s been a hard week and I received a lot of new cards but there was no time to blog them. So there they´re are:

I´ll start with one from Italy, IT-31388, sent by Francesco Frapi1, it shows the Trulli of Alberobello, one italian Unesco site since 1996.

This second one came from the Czech Republic and it´s one of my favourites. It shows the city of Praga in a Winter night. CZ-19236 was sent by Marie Kalaa.

This one was sent by dandywalkermomma from the USA, US-304829, was a blank card with only the address and the ID. So sad... It shows a memorial to the militaries of the US Air Force who received the Medal of Honor.

DE-254943 came from Germany, Alexander Arcon sent it and it was signed by other four postcrossers that made a Christmas meeting in Köln.

This one is also from Germany, DE-258001 was sent by Wilhelm Willi and shows a beautiful lighthouse.

Another one from Germany, DE-257933, sent by Karl gphonig40, shows several monuments from Köln. The cathedral is an Unesco site since 1996.

This last one , DE-25800, also from Germany, was this time sent to my kid. He´s a postcrosser too :). Anke xtlera sent him a beautiful winter landscape.

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