Thursday, December 25, 2008

Official Cards

It´s been a hard week and I received a lot of new cards but there was no time to blog them. So there they´re are:

I´ll start with one from Italy, IT-31388, sent by Francesco Frapi1, it shows the Trulli of Alberobello, one italian Unesco site since 1996.

This second one came from the Czech Republic and it´s one of my favourites. It shows the city of Praga in a Winter night. CZ-19236 was sent by Marie Kalaa.

This one was sent by dandywalkermomma from the USA, US-304829, was a blank card with only the address and the ID. So sad... It shows a memorial to the militaries of the US Air Force who received the Medal of Honor.

DE-254943 came from Germany, Alexander Arcon sent it and it was signed by other four postcrossers that made a Christmas meeting in Köln.

This one is also from Germany, DE-258001 was sent by Wilhelm Willi and shows a beautiful lighthouse.

Another one from Germany, DE-257933, sent by Karl gphonig40, shows several monuments from Köln. The cathedral is an Unesco site since 1996.

This last one , DE-25800, also from Germany, was this time sent to my kid. He´s a postcrosser too :). Anke xtlera sent him a beautiful winter landscape.

Surprises and swaps of the week

This last week I received a surprise card from Lurdes, it was sent with a Xmas card that I´ll show later. It is a very cool card because it shows all the nine islands of Azores. Adicionar imagem

This second one was sent by Carla, she went to Salamanca a few days ago and bought this beautiful card the shows the "Ayuntamiento" building in Plaza Mayor, the university, the "Casa das Conchas" and the old and new Cathedrals. Salamanca old town is a unesco place since 1988.

This last one was sent by Mari marilavado and shows the old circus in the old roman city of Tarraco, the actual Tarragona in Spain. The old ruins of tarraco are an Unesco site since 2000.

Slavic Countries RR

I joined two groups of this RR and I already received several cards.

This first one was sent by Alena MILAGROS and shows the Sun Fountain in Peterhof.

This one one was sent from Russia, too, but it´s from Lena Heleness and shows the Smolenski Cathedral of Novodevitchi Monastery, one Unesco russian site.
This one came from Japan, was sent by Rie xli. It shows one of the Kyoto temples, also an Unesco site in Japan.

This last one came from Estonia. Was sent by Janek ulvikaru, and shows the Kiipsaare Lighthouse in Saaremaa Island, the biggest one of Estonia.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


This week I received two cards from China.

This first one was sent by linying, from Versus RR, group 1. She knows that I collect Unesco cards and sent me this from Wulingynan.

This second one is an official card, CN - 39814, and was sent by lyz0350, it shows one of the most famous characters from Peking Opera.

Christmas Cards

Though I don´t usually post here other kind of postcards but the touristc , I decided to make an exception of Christmas postcards because these are special;)

Let me begin by an official sent by the Tuittu66, FI - 431073. The stars are bright but it does not shows here.

The following is also an official, U.S. -301042 and was sent by esotericknitter.

Now I´ll show the cards that were sent by a two colleagues from Surprise Project Group of Flickr. This first is from Bea, the administrator of the group. The postcard has the peculiarity to be possible to hang it on a Christmas tree.

The next were both sent by Juha, Elorju2000. I must say that I loved the surprise that even leave me without words.
This second card the wooden figurines are cut and pasted into cardboard, as well as cotton. This card was made by Juha.

Now, finally, I show the ones that I received from my postcrossers friends, from Portugal .

I received the first from Paula Geminiscp.

And this last one is from Américo, valdagua, our champion from the official site.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Slavic Countries RR

Another card from another RR group. This RR has a rule: every group need to have at least one participant from a slavic country.

This first card came from France. It was sent by Lizza, who kindly sent me a new UNESCO site in my collection. The cards shows Le Havre, in Normandie.


These first two cards were from a portuguese lighthouse RR.

This was sent by valdagua and shows the Espichel Cape Lighthouse.

This second one was sent by Joana122, who thought was nice to send me a lighthouse not close to our neighbourhood. So this is Marblehead Lighthouse in Ohio, USA.

The last one is from Australia, from Crizle. We belong to one same group in the lighthouse RR.


These two cards were sent by geminiscp, in a private swap. I usually buy these to send, but I didn´t keep the cards I buy for myself, so they´re new in my collection :)

Another RR´s

These cards are the last ones from two different RR´s.

This first one is from Portugal x Portugal RR. it was sent by Tanea, and shows the Eduardo VII Park in Lisbon.

This one was sent by MaHaKo, from Finland. Is was signed by all the postcrossers presents at a meeting in Helsinki.

Versus RR

Another RR from Kel. No previous themes, only our imagination to create the next group :)

The first group is : countries with stars on the flag x countries with green on the flag. I´m on the greeen part ;).

This first card was sent by krepki, from Slovenia. It shows some views of Burovnica, a city 25 km from Ljubljana, the capital city.

Official Cards

This week I received some official cards. I sent some cards now it´s to receive some back :). Here they are:

This first one (US-299765) was sent by jamba_loraine, an aerial view of San Jose, Usa.

This is IT-30492, sent by chicca, from Italy. It shows the Spanish Steps in Rome.

This is FI-425052, sent by matslas. It was very kind to send me an Unesco site.

This last one came from Germany (DE-249837). It was sent by Geheimnis.